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$100,000 for stoves in Sudan

In News stories | on 12.17.09 | by | Comments ( 1 )

Women at refugee camps often face sexual assault from militants/rebels/fighters when they leave the camps to gather firewood to cook food and to sell. As a result of this problem, over the last few years groups like Oxfam International have been working on relevant initiatives, such as having guards accompany women and providing cooking stoves to refugees so they do not need to gather firewood. While of course ideally the goal is for all public spaces to be free from harassment and assault, in the meantime I am glad to know that this problem specific to women (given the division of labor) is being acknowledged and addressed.

This past weekend, Calling All Crows, a service organization that mobilizes musicians and fans to promote human rights, finished a year-long effort to raise $100,000 specifically to fund stoves for people at refugee camps. They donated it to Oxfam, and Oxfam will use it to provide 5,000 fuel-efficient stoves to Sudanese women. This is part of their overall goals to end violence against women.

With all the bad stories out there, it’s nice to read one that is positive and inspiring. Way to go Calling All Crows!

Calling All Crows, from their website

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