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Snapshot of Street Harassment Stories, News, Tweets: August 28, 2011

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Read stories, news articles, blog posts, and tweets about street harassment from the past week and find relevant announcements and upcoming street harassment events.

Street Harassment Stories:

From Springald's Leap

Share your story! You can read new street harassment stories on the Web from the past week at:

Stop Street Harassment Blog

How Many Women Find Street Harassment Flattering?


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In the News, on the Blogs:

*, “When dads hollaback

* Guardian, “Feeling Harassed? Do Something About it!

* The Washington Times, “Sexual assaults on subways pose a serious problem

* The Times of India, “Chennai police will assign women police personnel as decoys to prevent eve-teasing in MTC buses and outside the colleges.”

* The Frisky, “Would You Want Women-Only Subway Cars To Stop Sexual Harassment?

* XO Jane, “Never, Ever Tell Me to Smile

* The Good Men Project, “My Personal Street Harassment Screed

* BlogHer, “Why Teaching LGBT History in Public Schools Combats Gender-Based Harassment for Young Women

* ABC 24, “Memphis Boxers Impressed by MATA Guard’s Wild Street Fight

* CJOnline, “Lawrence group wants an end to harassment”

* The San Pedro Sun, “Catcalling the Lioness: Street Harassment in Paradise

* Early Bird Catches the Worm, “Magazines: I Ain’t No Hollaback Girl—Street Harassment in CLEO.”

* Microagressions, “It doesn’t make sense…



* From Holla Back DC!: CASTING CALL! Help us put a face to street harassment. Check it out

* Young Women for Change in Afghanistan released a video about how Islam forbids the harassment of women.


* Sign Mend the Gap’s petition to address subway harassment in Delhi, India

* Are you in Egypt? Use HarassMap to report your street harassers

* Have an iPhone? Download the Hollaback iPhone app that lets you report street harassers

15 Tweets from the Week:

1. CLButler76 The ‘Hey redhead, HEY, redhead…’ guy was in the High St again today. MP3 player on loud meant I could ignore him! #streetharassment

2. BelindaBlignaut ‘we need a zero tolerance approach to street harassment’ SlutWalk Cape Town, 20 Aug 2011

3. abigailcollazo @RosamundUrwin I and all of my friends hate it! Those who are flattered by it don’t understand it #streetharassment #fem2

4. KhiriaE I fear that the guys will still continue their street & other public place ‘mo3ksat’ (verbal harassment) after this revolution. #Libya

5. Feminist_Inti Women of colour and trans women are disproportionally affected by it showing there’s an intersection of abuses of power in street harassment

6. SaraLabib @Daloosh @Aziza23 I will know Egypt is on the right track when sexual harassment lessens & women don’t hv to walk dwn street like robots

7. ashleyrebeccah To the CTA bus driver who just hit on me: just bc I’m standing at a bus stop does not mean I want to be harassed. Kthnx #streetharassment

8. lunadire biking in a skirt + no street harassment = #AWESOME

9. el_zilcho A woman was jogging down my street in a sports bra, and I actually saw a jackass honk and catcall her. I thought that was only in movies!

10. skizzrrr calling girls who don’t respond to your catcall “lesbian” #stopthatbro

11. HollabackOttawa Think you can get away with #streetharassment? We are here to #stopthatbro

12. AlreetYorkshire Say “NO” to street harassment! It’s really not my day today :(

13. gavinsaywhat the city is a battleground with lots of collateral damage RT @CEMcFarland: I hate street harassment.

14. K_MaceFace DYK: if ur catcalled from a car while on a bike in the rain & out of annoyance u catcall back, ur a ‘cunt’ #sexism #inequality #menarepigs

15. ruthie_dee I have successfully had a #streetharassment free day. This is more like it, Barnsley!

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