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Snapshot of street harassment stories, news, tweets: September 25, 2011

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Read stories, news articles, blog posts, and tweets about street harassment from the past week and find relevant announcements and upcoming street harassment events.

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Street Harassment Stories:

Share your story! You can read new street harassment stories on the Web from the past week at:

Stop Street Harassment Blog


Hollaback Baltimore

Hollaback Buenos Aires

Hollaback Chandigarh

Holla Back DC!

Hollaback France

Hollaback Israel

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Activism Shoutouts:

* “Adventures of Salwa” in Beirut, Lebanon

* Safe Slope in Brooklyn, New York, USA

* Anti-victim-blaming marchers in Jakarta, Indonesia

In the News, on the Blogs:

* The Friendz Teen, “Change the Way I Dress?! No, Change the Way you Think!

* Alternet, “Vision: 3 Ways to Be an ‘Interrupter’ and Curb Racism, Street Harassment and Animal Cruelty

* Jakarta Globe, “Indonesian Women Don Miniskirts in Rape Protest

* Kat’s Daily News, “Hush

* Hot City Blues, “How to Talk to Women and Not Be Creepy

* Chez Trixl, “Respect our women!

* MeriNews, “Students campaign against eve teasing in Mumbai

* Bikya Masr, “A look inside sexual harassment in Egypt

* Islington Gazette, “Police pledge to clamp down on sexual harassment in Finsbury Park street

* A Blog of Stuff, “Street harassment is never nice, but usually I just find it annoying and/or get angered by it (usually resulting in a Tumblr post… here it comes again!)

* Jezebel, “French Burqa Ban Has Succeeded In Making Things Worse

* Mid-Day, “Chappals to beat out harassment

* Ranchi Express, “Anti Eve Teasing Efforts Bringing Good Results

* The WIP, “Innovative Internet-based Projects Give Indian Women Platform to Fight Violence



* If you are in the Washington, DC-area, participate in a week of street harassment logging, TOMORROW through Oct. 2! Info.

* Tomorrow Stop Street Harassment launches a new “Street Respect” series highlighting the type of stories we want to see instead of street harassment stories!


* Call for men to share views/stories about street harassment

* Sign Mend the Gap’s petition to address subway harassment in Delhi, India

* Are you in Egypt? Use HarassMap to report your street harassers

* Have an iPhone? Download the Hollaback iPhone app that lets you report street harassers

15 Tweets from the Week:

1. gunkelqnupw9 When i walked across the street to avoid your harassment why do you then think its smart to follow 4DkSWx

2. Karnythia I have a wall of tech (MP3 player + ereader), & it’s not giving me the desired result. Still getting #streetharassment

3. feministteacher: Window Sex Project responds to #streetharassment in Harlem #bcrw40 @sydmosley

4. 52stations Forgot about Piggy’s street harassment scene in Muppets Take Manhattan. With such a childhood idol, is it any wonder I turned out like this?

5. WrittenbyBene It’s bad when you have in earphones, are playing w/your phone, all to avoid being harassed by horny men

6. WrittenbyBene I don’t think you guys realize how exhausting it is to be a woman. Call your boys, nephews, sons, kids out for harassing women on streets.

7. cthulhuchick Not that street harassment is warranted because the ass looks fine. I still don’t want random guys yelling at me. Not fun.

8. ElseBell definitely wasn’t expecting street harassment in london (not sure why, but it was as bad today as it was in texas! dislike).

9. hannahkateboast walking down my road last night when a boy shouted at me & my friend to ‘suck my dick’. 2 days in my new city before #streetharassment.

10. MarthaRRobinson “Dyke” screamed at me out of a black van by Goodge Street tube. Didn’t respond. Regretting it. #streetharassment

11. sebhar No matter what I’m wearing or what time of day it is, I ALWAYS experience #streetharassment on Gilbert St. in Iowa City.

12. sammieolivia I swear I thought I was done being yelled at in the street til like April. The DHL delivery man in downtown DC says no. #streetharassment

13. femmeniste The number of gross comments I’m subjected to in a mere 5 blocks is astounding. #StreetHarassment #KeepItToYourself

14. choosler Nothing like a little street harassment as the icing on my grumpy cake.

15. mazzie @the_dp when one random street-harassment dude asked me out I told him I had a gf and he said “bring her!” YICK.

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