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Street Harassment Stories, Articles & Tweets: November 6, 2011

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Read stories, news articles, blog posts, and tweets about street harassment from the past week and find relevant announcements and upcoming street harassment events.

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Street Harassment Stories:

Share your story! You can read new street harassment stories on the Web from the past week at:

Stop Street Harassment Blog | “Street Respect” stories

HarassMap Egypt

Resist Harassment Lebanon

Many of the Hollaback sites

New Activism:

* Brooklyn Bike Patrol (NYC, USA): “Call us @ 718-744-7592 we escort women from subway stations to their homes safely in the late evenings hours.”

* Zero Tolerance Campaign (Mumbai, India): “Every woman in Mumbai, be it our mother, sister or friend has been groped or touched inappropriately at some point of time…As a campaign we have three major goals: 1) Spread awareness especially amongst the youth, that Sexual Harassment is just not acceptable and we need to be ZERO TOLERANT, be it victims or onlooker; 2) Empower women through imparting information about their rights and the existing laws to book the culprit and combat the menace; 3) Petition Shri. RR Patil through a signature campaign both online and offline. To strengthen sections 354 and 506, make them non bail-able, a move that is under consideration by the government but has not been implemented.

* maps4aid – Fighting Violence Against Women In India (India): An Innovative way to report incidents of Violence against Women, NGO Activities, Crisis Situations through Web/SMS/PhoneApps! using the famous Ushahidi platform and integrated with FrontlineSMS

In the News, on the Blogs:

* Bikya Masr, “Harassmap launches new anti-harassment campaign, as its services are requested globally

* Yale Daily News, “BELDING: People are subjects, not objects

* CBS New York, “‘Occupy Wall Street’ Sets Up ‘Women Only’ Tent After Sexual Violence In Zuccotti Park

* Safe Streets AZ, “Harassment-free Halloween?

* The ArtBlog, “Hannah Price on photographing men on the streets in Philadelphia – a new podcast

* Gawker, “Your New Subway Hero: The Groper Smacker‘” and The Frisky, “The Woman Who Beat Up Her Subway Groper Gets Animation Treatment

* The Times of India, “Eve-teasing double-murder: Amboli girls to cite sexual harassment, says main complainant

* Sian and Crooked Rib, “Comment on the New Statesman

* BBC, “Mumbai murders fuel India ‘Eve teasing’ anger,” and IBN Live, “Eve teasing: Justice for Keenan and Reuben

* Greater Kashmir, “World is Not Just Men

* The Times of India, “Women’s commission chief seeks arrest of college girl’s murderer



* Sign the Zero Tolerance Campaign’s petition calling for stronger enforcement of laws banning street sexual harassment in India.

* Contact the California sandwich chain Togo’s and tell them that trivializing street harassment in their television ad is NOT okay.

* Street harassment is not okay: Watch a new 2 minutes cartoon about street harassment


* Sign the petition to tell Toronto Police to stop blaming victims for street harassment and sexual assault!!

* Donate to Students Active for Ending Rape so they can mentor and teach students to advocate for safer campuses!

* If you’re in London, help a Ph.D. student out with her dissertation research by meeting to share your street harassment stories.

* Contribute to the Monday “Street Respect” series that highlights the type of stories we want to see instead of street harassment stories!

* Are you in Egypt? Use HarassMap to report your street harassers

* Have an iPhone? Download the Hollaback iPhone app that lets you report street harassers

10 Tweets from the Week:

1. louisethewheeze It is not a compliment to stare and purse ones lips at a lady. makes me wonder how good of a billy club my umbrella is. #streetharassment

2. aliciasanchez wish black men would understand it’s not personal when black women don’t always want to engage with them in public spaces+

3. EVAWhd @RichardJGarside home ok thnx. Regular occurrence for all no doubt & been talking re tackling street harassment today so got me thinking x

4. sydmosley Just gave a guest lecture at John Jay College on #windowsexproject & #streetharassment. It was AMAZING.

5. Monabdelaziz Is sexual tension higher closer to Eid? The harrassment is getting way out of line these days. #EndSH

6. MaiiNewaishy It just feels so good insulting every son of a bitch that calls out something at me on the street. #endSH #Egypt

7. EndStHarassment While crossing the street some dudes yelled ‘yeah baby’ from their car at me. Made me nervous & wish I was not outside. #endstreetharassment

8. acu_margarita I am reminded of the vital importance for women to stand up to #streetharassment, a daily experience for many of us.

9. maps4aid “I ignored him and continued walking but he caught hold of my hand and slapped me four times” – Victim of #StreetHarassment #vaw #India

10. thetrudz I’m 32. By age 25ish all women have heard all pick up lines, attempts to flatter, and street harassment spiels. Now they just repeat. Yawn.

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