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Why leering guys can be scary

In Stories, street harassment | on 02.04.12 | by | Comments ( 3 )

Pretty weird:

I was sitting in the tram and that guy stared and smiled at me. The whole time he was looking at me. I was pissed (because one day another guy stared at me in the tram and followed me through the city and I had to trick him like an agent or something to get him off). I left the tram and he was still behind me. OMG!

Then I had to walk a little while between 2 houses, dark with no people around and he was still behind me. Then I reached some kind of market place with a lot of people and dived into the crowed. He gave up and turned around.

A couple of days later I was reading the news online and there was a picture of him. Taken from the video camera in a tram in the night. Because he stared at a women, followed her, attacked her and tried to rape her. She could escape.

I didn’t go to the police. What should I tell? He stared at me?

– NN

Location: Germany

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3 Responses


This is what people don’t understand, when I get creeped out by people staring at me or following me around. Sometimes it can lead to something so much worse than feeling uncomfortable! (And we shouldn’t have to put up with that anyway). I’ve also had to try to throw people off using tips from spy films, too. I’m glad you got away.


That sounds horrible? Do you know where it happened and if there is any news coverage on it?

much love from berlin!


By what you said, he didn’t just stare at you. He stalked you.

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