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Snapshot of street harassment stories, news, announcements & tweets: February 26, 2012

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Read stories, news articles, blog posts, and tweets about street harassment from the past week.

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Street Harassment Stories:

Share your story! You can read street harassment stories on the Web at:

Stop Street Harassment Blog

HarassMap Egypt

Resist Harassment Lebanon

Many of the Hollaback sites

In the News, on the Blogs:

* The New York Times, “Sex Crimes Pass Under the Radar on Public Transit

* Huffington Post, “International Anti-Street Harassment Week: 10 Things You Can Do To Stop Street Harassment

* Jezebel, “How to Be a Good Guy on the Sidewalk

* ABC 7, “Sexual harassment on Metro trains, buses a problem

* Fox 5, “Riders Complain of Sexual Harassment on Metro

* WAMU, “Women’s Group Targets Harassment On Metro

* Greater Greater Washington, “End sexual harassment on Metro

* Washington City Paper, “Holla Back, Metro

*, “D.C. Metro grapples with how to talk and confront sexual harassment

* The Mooring Mast, “Catcalling crosses line into harassment

* Ecofeminism, “My Gendered Body and Me

* ABC News, “Girl Power!

* Daily News & Analysis, “Run for a cause: Let’s stop gender-based violence

* Egypt Independent, “Citing harassment complaints, travel agencies threaten to suspend Luxor flights

* Daily Targum, “Activist looks to stop street harassment

International Anti-Street Harassment Week Updates:

* Huffington Post coverage

* Founder Holly Kearl talks about why she’s organizing/participating in the week of action on March 18-24

* What were you wearing when you got stared at or street harassed? Submit your photo

* Start planning for International Anti-Street Harassment Week, March 18-24

Activism Announcements:


* Activists in Washington, DC, testified at a city council hearing about harassment on the transit system and made recommendations to the transit authorities.

* Watch a video about efforts in Afghanistan to address street harassment and other gender issues


* College men in the USA share tips on how men can stop street harassment

* SSH founder Holly Kearl is quoted in the March 2012 issue of Cosmo magazine with advice on dealing with gropers. Read an extended version of her advice on the blog.

* The Adventures of Salwa campaign has a hotline for sexual harassment cases in Lebanon: 76-676862.

* In Bangalore, India, there is a helpline for street harassment 080 – 22943225 / 22864023

10 Tweets from the Week:

1. ‏ @sakshichopra5 Street harassment knocks closer to home! Younger sister’s best friend eve teased in her colony, moti bagh! Thank heavens neighbors helped!

2. @NadaHKandil Walking to the bus stop with my neighbour,got followed by a construction worker who only stopped when a taxi driver shouted at him :/ #EndSH

3. ‏ @_nowimgold @AfroSinTrick I’ve worked w/street harassment orgs. ALL women experience it. Women of color are more exposed though, especially Black women.

4. @DeeRmY2020 March 8 is the Women World day, and March 18-24 is International Anti-Street Harassment Week and it should be taken seriously!

5. @JessiDG @gibblertron: Nothing sets me off like when a man passes me and tells me to “smile!” #streetharassment

6. @Karnythia @ebonstorm @ZerlinaMaxwell Challenge the meme that black women are here for the amusement of men. Push back against #streetharassment.

7. ‏ @SabaEm just adjusting to the fact that while being back at home, when a car honks it means someone made a mistake on the road #streetharassment

8. ‏ @Karnythia There needs to be a call from black men to black men to fight #streetharassment, #rapeculture, & #abuseculture. #WeAreThe44

9. @BangsandaBun Nothing like a but of Hackney street harassment to kick start your day the right way. *sigh*

10.‏ @TaraMonstah I’ve already told one heckler to go fuck himself today. Who’s next? Because I’m getting really sick of this shit. #StreetHarassment

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