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Snapshot of street harassment stories, news, announcements & tweets: February 5, 2012

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Read stories, news articles, blog posts, and tweets about street harassment from the past week.

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Street Harassment Stories:

Share your story! You can read street harassment stories on the Web at:

Stop Street Harassment Blog

HarassMap Egypt

Resist Harassment Lebanon

Many of the Hollaback sites

In the News, on the Blogs:

Deoni Jones was murdered at a bus stop in DC this week. Image via Washington Blade

* Washington Blade, “Police identify trans woman fatally stabbed at D.C. bus stop” and DC Trans Coalition, “Another Violent Attack

* Guardian, “Benefit cuts are fuelling abuse of disabled people, say charities

* New York Times, “Shame and Anger in Cairo

* North Baltimore Patch, “Cat Call to Arms

* The Saudi Gazette, “A grave punishment befitting an eve teaser

* Kuwait Times, “Sexual Harassment

* Deccan Herald, “Public thrash youth for teasing girls

* The Daily Star, “Support line offers safe outlet to talk about sexual harassment

* Until I Get Married, “The Other Reason Street Harassment Is Wrong

* Washington City Paper, “Youth of Today

* Fueled, “Hey, Baby. There’s an App for that

* Hollaback, “Interview: Boston-Feminist on “Why I Punched a Stranger

* BootsnAll, “How to Deal With Street Harassment in Foreign Countries

Activism Announcements:


* If you live in the Washington, DC-area, you can testify about harassment on the Metro system at a hearing on Feb. 22. Details.


* What were you wearing when you got stared at or street harassed? Submit your photo

* Start planning for International Anti-Street Harassment Week, March 18-24

* Sign the Petition: “Demand Justice for Two Men Killed Trying to Stop Street Harassment

* Read a Baltimore, Maryland, college student’s thesis on street harassment

* The Adventures of Salwa campaign has a hotline for sexual harassment cases in Lebanon: 76-676862.

* In Bangalore, India, there is a helpline for street harassment 080 – 22943225 / 22864023

10 Tweets from the Week:

1. farida904 Tonight, I had to think twice before going to the kiosk to get gum because of the group of guys standing there. End sexual harassment #EndSH

2. MsNicoleClark Searching for ways to combat #streetharassment is very empowering. I hope the person was able to find what they were searching for.

3. trapunski Just witnessed a taxi driver catcall a woman holding a baby with the line “hey mommy.” One of the skeeziest things I’ve ever seen.

4. chennaiholla Men, what would you advice your female friends to do when they encounter groping in public space, like a mall? #menagainstvaw @meIHM pl RT

5.maps4aid Know Your Rights! #StreetHarassment #India #IPC354

6. SeraSarahSera “How would she react to this display of man’s inhumanity, embodied in a catcall toward you, her daughter? Think of that when you walk by.”


8. woodlandtales got touched on the shoulders and back by a very creepy man while walking down the street. Feel so disgusted(ing) #streetharassment

9. LeilaLatex I’m prety sure I am incapable of not shouting death threats at people who whistle at me. #streetharassment

10. lifeofzoo #IDoNotUnderstand why it is so hard to be respectful to women and simply not catcall them on the streets

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