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Two new brochures and fliers you can use

In anti-street harassment week, Resources | on 04.05.12 | by | Comments ( 1 )

Activists hand out fliers in San Francisco, CA

Need a handy brochure or flier to pass out or post about street harassment? Here are two!

1 – Gaz Black, a paramedic and self defense instructor who runs The Best Defense Program in Winnipeg, Canada, created a brochure about street harassment. He says he and his son hand it out to men while his daughters hand it out to women. You can download and print it and hand it out too!

2 – During International Anti-Street Harassment Week 2012, activists in San Francisco, California, organized by Sarah Harper, founder of VoiceTool Productions, handed out fliers during evening rush hour. The fliers detail what street harassment is and how to resist it so that people can learn more about identifying harassment behaviors and how to stop harassment in the moment. The flier is in English and Spanish – download and print copies and then you can pass them out too!

Sarah just let me know that the University of Georgia’s Women’s Studies Student Organization is addressing street harassment in Athens, Georgia, by handing out copies of the flier and will do so during the campus Take Back the Night on April 12 in Athens.

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thanks for these resources!

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