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Snapshot of street harassment stories, news, announcements & tweets: April 8, 2012

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Via The Hindu

Read stories, news articles, blog posts, and tweets about street harassment from the past few weeks.

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Street Harassment Stories:

Share your story! You can read street harassment stories on the Web at:

Stop Street Harassment Blog

HarassMap in Egypt

Resist Harassment in Lebanon

Ramallah Street Watch in Palestine

Safe Streets in Yemen

Many of the Hollaback sites

In the News, on the Blogs:

* Amnesty International, “Maldives must investigate sexual harassment of detained women protesters;” Minivan News, “Amnesty calls on government to investigate allegations of sexual harassment of female detainees by police

* Washington Post, “Metro anti-sexual harassment campaign goes live; ” CBS DC, “Metro Goes Digital To Crack Down On Sexual Harassment;” Fox 5, “Metro Launches Anti-Sexual Harassment Campaign;” DCist, “Metro to Kick Off Anti-Sexual Harassment Campaign in April;” Washington Post, “D.C. hosts first annual International Anti-Street Harassment Week;” WTOP, “Metro tackles sexual harassment on the transit system;” ABC 7, “Metro sexual harassment: WMATA upping efforts to combat incidents;” The Examiner, “Metro to fight sexual misconduct on system;” Washington Post, “Metro sets up sexual harassment Web site for riders

* UN Dispatch, “Making India a Safer Place for Women

* Ebony, “Interrupt Street Harassment

* Ahram Online, “Sexual harassment in Egypt after the revolution

* Women’s Law Project Blog, “Street harassment: A bigger problem than you may think

* The Cathartist, “Street Harassment: My Experience

* Today’s Zaman, “Expat starts Hollaback! İstanbul to tackle street harassment

* Time, “Ladies First: Czech Railways Rolls Out Female-Priority Compartments

* The Marquette Tribune, “GAMBLE: Catcalls are not compliments

*, “Female Passengers Beat Up Bus Driver For Eve Teasing

* Deccan Herald, “Eve teasers photos to be made public

* Citizen Matters, “Bengaluru’s young working women living in fear

* Daily Bhaskar, “Security concerns drive city women to ‘Candle March’”

* Take Two, “How Your Video Can Go Viral

* Online News, “Ladies harassment incidents on rise on overhead bridge

* I’m not your sassy Latina, “Street harassment in Providence

* Feminist Teacher, “Create an Anti-Street Harassment PSA With Your Students

* The Frisky, “How Do You Respond To Street Harassment?

* The Indian Express, “CN & heard: Female cops face eve-teasing

* India Today, “Crime against women on rise in trains

* The Brink of Something Else, “Street Harassment and HollaBack

* The Eastern Echo, “Feminists of color fight for equality

* Huffington Post, “Street Harassment Shouldn’t be Part of the Female Experience

* PreventConnect, “International Anti-Street Harassment Week Recap

* Yemen Times, “Anti-Street Harassment Week

* The Hindu, “Snap your fear!”

* Ms. Blog, “Sh*t Men Say To Men About Street Harassment

* University of Toledo, “UT addresses street harassment during awareness week;” The Independent Collegian, “‘Stop Street Harassment’

* Philly Now, “Gearing Up for International Anti-Street Harassment Day

* Reston Patch, “Reston Woman’s Goal: Stopping Harassment

Activism Announcements:


* If you’re in the New York City area, take this survey about harassment on public transportation.

* Gay and bisexual men, take this survey about street harassment.

* Read the March e-newsletter from Stop Street Harassment recounting 12 activism initiatives that occurred globally.

* In Washington, DC, the transit authority officially launched their campaign against sexual harassment.


* The Adventures of Salwa campaign has a hotline for sexual harassment cases in Lebanon: 76-676862.

* In Bangalore, India, there is a helpline for street harassment 080 – 22943225 / 22864023

15 Tweets from the Week:

1. @‏smokenfog “When dad suggested me to wear burqa to save myself from street harassment, I shouted, why should I wear burqa? Y punishment for me?” Veena

2. ‏ @grayshonnn Writing up my street harassment diary for my documentary. The way females are treated on nights out is distrubing. #streetharassment

3. @meadowgirl @FatGirlvsWorld uh, that’s a good thing! street harassment ain’t sexy even if YOU are!

4. @JennNiff Woop, Saturday night! Or as it shall now be known, street harassment night.

5. @arieswym Out and about all day in Center City and North Philly with no street harassment. #win

6. @niabentall Fighting street harassment, telling off one ten year old little stinker at a time

7. @Feminist_Dating Struggling to stay calm about the street harassment I’m experiencing today.

8. @Miami_Chica So this week was “International Anti-Street Harassment Week”. Lord knows this is something I support!

9. @ToolPackinMama Man…. “street harassment”… story of my life. For 40+ years of my life, I couldn’t walk ANYWHERE without getting yelled/screamed at FACT

10. @emmaclairekd street harassment should be illegal tbh

11. @heathr I feel like they perform street harassment to create some idea of masculinity and they do it for other men, not us. #fb

12. @sitcomofmylife I dread the coming of Summer. It’s street harassment season. There should be a Stand Your Ground law letting me punch them in the face.

13. lisaaglass Fed up with street harassment? Have yr say at the ONLY hustings on women’s safety in London. 12 April.

14. @Amavijolie11 I don’t fuck with harassment… How u gonna see a girl on a street and then wait for her at a parking lot wtf old man gtf

15. @rapeSAsurvivors Society must remember that street harassment and sexual violence does not just affect heterosexual women.

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