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28 DC Metro Stations Have Anti-Sexual Harassment Ads

In Resources | on 06.07.12 | by | Comments ( 3 )

Metro ad. Image via @aliciasanchez

Sexual harassment and assault are common problems on public transportation systems worldwide, including in Washington, DC.

To address this problem, over the past two weeks in DC, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority (WMATA) has rolled out a public service announcement (PSA) campaign in 28 subway stations. Many stations have both English and Spanish versions. The PSA states that the harassment is not okay and lists information about how to report it.

Background: Since February, I’ve been part of a team at Collective Action for Safe Spaces pressuring WMATA to do more about sexual harassment and assault. We testified in February before the DC City Council, specifically before Ward 4 City Council Member Muriel Bowser. Bowser was very disturbed by the information we shared with her and asked WMATA to address it. Thankfully, WMATA is addressing it, including through the newly launched PSAs.

Stations: Here is a list of the Metro stations where you can find the ads:

1.    Addison Road    Metro
2.    Ballston        Metro
3.    Benning Road    Metro
4.    Benning Road    Metro – Spanish
5.    Capitol Heights    Metro
6.    Cheverly        Metro
7.    Cheverly        Metro – Spanish
8.    Clarendon        Metro
9.    Cleveland Park    Metro
10.    DuPont Circle    Metro
11.    Eisenhower         Metro – Spanish
12.    Eisenhower        Metro
13.    Foggy Bottom    Metro – Spanish
14.    Forest Glenn    Metro
15.    Forest Glenn    Metro
16.    Fort Totten        Metro – Spanish
17.    Fort Totten        Metro
18.    Franconia-Springfield    Metro
19.    Franconia-Springfield    Metro – Spanish
20.    Georgia Avenue Petworth    Metro
21.    Glenmont        Metro
22.    Glenmont        Metro – Spanish
23.    Grosvenor        Metro
24.    Huntington        Metro
25.    Judiciary Square    Metro – Spanish
26.    Landover        Metro
27.    Landover        Metro
28.    L’Enfant Plaza    Metro – Spanish
29.    New Carrollton    Metro
30.    Potomac Avenue    Metro
31.    Potomac Avenue    Metro – Spanish
32.    Prince Georges Plaza    Metro
33.    Prince Georges Plaza    Metro – Spanish
34.    Takoma        Metro
35.    Van Dorn        Metro – Spanish
36.    Van Ness    006    Metro
37.    Van Ness    008    Metro
38.    Waterfront    006    Metro – Spanish
39.    Waterfront    007    Metro
40.    Wheaton    014    Metro

You can report harassment very easily online.

Do you want to see a similar campaign in your city? Reach out to your transit authority and let them know!

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3 Responses


[…] Anti-Harassment Ads at Metro Stations — WMATA has placed anti-sexual harassment public service announcements in 28 Metro stations. In Arlington, the ads can be found in the Ballston and Clarendon Metro stations. [Stop Street Harassment] […]


very exciting!!


[…] not the one who should be ashamed. Here’s the listing of the full 28, which Kearl recently provided, some stations listed multiple times to underscore multiple PSAs at that […]

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