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Sign petition to take down pro-street harassment construction sign

In street harassment | on 06.17.12 | by | Comments ( 11 )

Please sign this petition asking for the removal of a sign at a New Jersey Mall that reads, “We apologize for the whistling construction workers, but man you look good!”

Sexual harassment is illegal, not a joke or a compliment, and public sexual harassment impacts more than 80 percent of women worldwide, especially when they’re young.

Construction companies should view sexual harassment as something to penalize their workers for doing, not as something to encourage their workers to do, especially at a mall where there are so many teenage girls who could be the target of the harassment.

Help me reach 250 signatures!

This petition was made possible because of these individuals: Katie Broendel who alerted me to the sign yesterday morning, Feminist Philosophers for posting the sign on their blog (which Katie saw and sent to me), Elizabeth Harman for taking the photo of the sign and then telling me where it was located, Alan Kearl for researching the name of the construction company, and Shelby Knox for suggesting the petition strategy.
Update 6/18 — My apologies to the E. A. Reeves construction company who is not responsible for the sign as I first thought.

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11 Responses


Thanks for doing this!


Just thought I would let you know that the mechanism you’ve provided by which to sign the petition is inaccessible to those who can’t read the tiny, low contrast font. My browser zoom controls have no effect on the not-really-a-window that pops up when I click on sign.

Maybe you could provide a direct old-fashioned link to the petition page on


This isn’t cute, it isn’t clever, and it certainly isn’t funny.


This sign needs to be taken down


Hi Victoria,
there is a direct link to the petition in the text beneath the widget and here it is too thx for signing!


Thank goodness I am a woman with a sense of humor and can laugh at the construction worker sign. Perhaps if those of you who are “so offended” had more important things in your life you too could understand that not everything is harrassment. Honestly ladies!!!


thank goodness it came down. i don’t know how a woman could go on with life knowing they’ve been harassed by a sign. how many years of therapy does it take to get over a silly sentence like this????


i can’t even imagine how devoid of meaning your life needs to be to care about a stupid sign


I can’t imagine how devoid of meaning you life needs to be to care about a stupid sign


Pretty neat – any comment that one might post on the blog sites related to this topic that points out how this isn’t a huge deal – gets deleted. So while these freedom fighting women like to stand up against offensive signs…..they prefer to suppress opposing thoughts and limit free speech. TRUE COLORS


Hi Joe – this is MY blog and I have a disclaimer about the kinds of comments I let through. Yes, I limit “free speech” on this blog when that “free speech” is hateful or rude. This is supposed to be a safe place for people to share their stories and talk about something that is very upsetting. I have now let all of your comments through so that people can see how rude they are. There you go, “free speech.”

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