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Digest of street harassment stories, news, announcements & tweets: September 30, 2012

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Read stories, news articles, blog posts, and tweets about street harassment from the past few weeks.

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Street Harassment Stories:

Share your story! You can read street harassment stories on the Web at:

Stop Street Harassment Blog

HarassMap in Egypt

Bijoya in Bangladesh

Resist Harassment in Lebanon

Ramallah Street Watch in Palestine

Name and Shame in Pakistan

Safe Streets in Yemen

Street Harassment in South Africa

Many of the Hollaback sites

Street Harassment In the News, on the Blogs:

* Glamour, “On Street Harassment

* Ordinary Days, “Even Street Harassment Is Bigger Here: Or an apology to US feminist bloggers

* Fat Heffalump, “On Street Harassment and Male Responsibility

* Lawsonry, “Let Me Say No: Street Harassment and Disrespect

* The Voice of Russia, “Sexual harassment in Russia

* The Pioneer, “Chandigarh, a city of nightmares for women

* The Old Jaw Jaw, “Every instance of street harassment ever

* Africa Review, “Fighting Egypt’s sexual harassment epidemic, one step at a time

* The Atlantic, “Dear New York: Please Make Subway ‘Grinding’ a Felony. Now.

* Daily News, “Killer of sexual harassment victim arrested

* ABC 7, “Mauricio Cornejo-Pena, ‘Dupont Circle Bicycle Groper’ suspect, could face deportation

* STFU, Sexists, “Making the case for street harassment appreciation!

* XO Jane, “It Happened To Me: I Had a Groper Arrested

* CBS New York, “Cops: Man On Southbound No. 2 Train Exposes Himself To Female Passenger

* Daily News, “Woman sues accused subway pervert boss for sexual harassment



* New York is considering a bill that would make harsher punishments for engaging in unwanted sexual touching in public spaces.

* A Russian activist group made a viral video about street harassment and has proposed anti-harassment legislation.


* Stop Street Harassment welcomes and announces its new board of directors!

* Harlow Project Seeking Participants For Street Harassment Web Video Series

* METRAC released a free “Not Your Baby App” to provide responses you can use when experiencing harassment

* Sign a petition about ending street harassment in Egypt.

* Stop Street Harassment recently incorporated as a nonprofit organization. Please donate so we can conduct a national street harassment study and gather much needed data documenting the problem.

* Contact Bowlmor and the New York City Transit to complain about this offensive subway ad.

* Activists in South Africa launched a website about street harassment

* The anti-sexual harassment public service announcement signs are now up in several Washington, DC metro stations!

* The Stop Street Harassment book is available in paperback for $15.

* Submit art about street harassment for the VoiceTool Product exhibit in San Francisco, CA

* The Adventures of Salwa campaign has a hotline for sexual harassment cases in Lebanon: 76-676862.

* In Bangalore, India, there is a helpline for street harassment 080 – 22943225 / 22864023

* Report #streetharassment in Pakistan at @NameAndShamePk, email, SMS 0314-800-35-68 or online at

15 Tweets from the Week:

1. @Besito86 You never know when a catcall can lead to a verbal assault that can in turn lead to physical and/or sexual attack.

2.@kaatattackk I bet there is a positive correlation between men that slow down and stare/catcall/honk from their cars, and men who don’t get laid

3. @OhKelleh I genuinely wonder if guys who catcall think girls will turn to them and ask them for their number or something like seriously you are gross

4. @XedRegulus Did you know that back in the days of Vaudville, “Hello, nurse!” was a popular catcall?

5. @decaytourist “When you include the type of street harassment that queer people face in the street, it’s a much bigger group than just women.”

6. @jmsummers Thank you DC for reminding me why I carry pepper spray. Street harassment = not classy.

7. @devilherdue Instead of tweeting the particularly gross street harassment from this morning, I’ll just remind you that its a daily reality for women.

8. @wisemath Men: teach your sons, fellow male friends, cousins, nephews & brothers that STREET HARASSMENT IS NOT COOL. It’s bullying & scary. Just stop

9. @jeffperera Why We Walk: at age of 12, 1 of 4 girls have experienced street harassment, by 19 it is 90% #WalkAMileInHerShoes @WamTO

10. @suzyfromaptos Ugh. Some creep just made kissy noises at me from his car. Not ok. Just not ok. #streetharassment

11. @MaiE_89 “If it happens that I refuse to give him money, I suddenly find him getting up with his belt, beating me…” #EndSH #Egypt

12. @sairakh Changed my walking route to work because of a man I see everyday who looks me up n down n whispers stuff at himself. #streetharassment

13.  @EvrydayFeminism You’re walking down the street and someone whistles and shouts something vulgar at you. How do you respond? #streetharassment #fem2

14.  @SocialJerkBlog Guys, if you’re not telling your dickhead friends to shut up when they harass women, you’re guilty too. Man up. #streetharassment #sickofit

15.  @NihalSaad A guy stopped me at the street asking how he could join our campaign against Sexual harassment…thats so cool 😀 #endsh

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that was enjoyable. I’ve also rcenetly written about street harassment and gender roles for The Good Men Project and Hollaback!; gender non-conformity and the sexual appeal thereof (oh, and the movie A League of

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