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Meet the New Social Media Volunteers!

In street harassment | on 11.01.12 | by | Comments ( 1 )

Stop Street Harassment is growing fast and five brand new social media volunteers are helping spread information and resources. through:

Twitter: @stopstharassmnt | @nostharassweek |
Facebook: Meet Us on the Street Page | Youtube | Pinterest

I’m excited to have them on board and I’m excited to have you meet them. They each manage a weekday so you can say hi to them on their day!

* Carla Avenia is a translator and blogger living in France who loves to support causes dear to her heart during her free time. (She volunteers Thursdays.) Her photo is by Norman Acosta.

* Christina Brown is a New York City graduate of Hunter College who majored in Sociology. She has an innate desire to understand and change the negative attention towards women that she is both a target and witness of every day. She wants to improve the streets for her nieces and nephews. She wants to help be apart of creating a safer world for all women and children. One of her favorite quotes, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph, is for good people to do nothing,” by Edmund Burke. (She volunteers Mondays.)

* Julie Mastrine is an activist, feminist, and writer working in the PR industry. Her work has been featured on outlets such as the Huffington Post, Mashable, Forbes, and many others. You can follow her on Twitter. (She volunteers Fridays.)

* Yasmine Nagaty is a Political Science graduate and an aspiring writer from the American University in Cairo and currently works at the Egyptian NGO Misr ElKheir. You can follow her on Twitter. (She volunteers Wednesdays.)

* Veronica Weis is a communications specialist in Washington, D.C. She’s worked in a media and communications capacity for a variety of social justice organizations. In 2011-2012, she served as an AIF President Clinton fellow in India, focusing on digital strategy and online media for Breakthrough, a human rights organization. As New Media intern at the ONE campaign, she worked as a blog contributor covering emerging topics in international development and human rights. Her writing and photography has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Gender Across Borders, the ONE blog, Women Make News, among others. You can follow her on Twitter. (She volunteers Tuesdays.)

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That’s great! Looking forward to lots of good stuff.

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