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Digest of Street Harassment News: December 2, 2012

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“Sexual harassment on public transport and random attacks in parks are often witnessed. Hyaaah! Delhi Police give refugee women lessons in personal security.”

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Street Harassment In the News, on the Blogs:

* The Times of India, “Supreme Court issues directions to curb sexual harassment of women in public transport

* OneWorld South Asia, “No passport, driving license for eve-teasers in India

* The Journal, “Column: Shouting ‘nice arse’ isn’t innocent, and we shouldn’t ignore it

* One India News, “Eve-teasing: Helplines in 3 months but no uniform law yet

* Tech President, “In Egypt, Digital Maps Start a Conversation About Harassment that Continues In the Street

* The Obsidian Files, “The Day Street Harassment Stood Still

* The Gaggle, “Top 5 Catcalls I’ve Received in my Short Time on Earth

* The Pixel Project, “16 Creative and Safe Ways to Intervene to Stop Street Harassment

* The Pixel Project, “16 Memorable Stories of Standing Up Against Street Harassment 2012

* It All Comes Back to This, “Running Scared?

* Just Doing Me, “Street and sexual harassment




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* If you’re a woman ages 18-26, take a survey for a student’s thesis on street harassment

* Read one woman’s record of street harassment in NYC. Since August, she’s recorded over 50 instances :(

* HoodRules thebook is now available!


* Check out the project CATCALLED: the stories of 11 women in New York City from two weeks in August 2012, now online.

* Baltimore, MD, folks — take a survey about street harassment for Hollaback! Bmore

* Hollaback! Edinburgh launched a “Said No One Ever” Tumblr to refute the belief that street harassment is a compliment.

* Register — Webinar: Street Harassment: How To Stop Feeling Helpless and Start Feeling Empowered, Dec. 6, 2012: 8 – 9:30 p.m. ET, $15

* Sign the petition: “Tell New York: Subway Sexual Assault is a Serious Crime

* There’s a new tumblr called Street Harassment Fashion that challenges victim-blaming

* METRAC released a free “Not Your Baby App” to provide responses you can use when experiencing harassment

15 Tweets from the Week:

1. @harassmap if sexual harassment happens 2 u / u witness incident that’s already taken place plz report it:SMS to 6069 / send details @harassmap #endSH

2. @HijabiHippie A man heckled me earlier when I was out jogging, something vaguely about my tits so I told him where to go #streetharassment

3. @mermaidalycia Ew can you not catcall at me from your car? This is why I don’t like leaving my room.

4. @hollabackWY Told me I was ‘sat there like butter wouldn’t melt’. and he ‘knew what I was like’ scarey stuff & old enough to be my Dad! #streetharassment

5. نورا ‏@nsoliman #Tahrir women, I highly recommend mace/pepper spray as defense. It totally incapacitated a man after he grabbed a woman in tahrir. #endSH

6. @MurrrnaSaid Seeing even guys pitying Egypt’s women because of all the harassment they have to go through just for walking down a street makes me sad.

7. @OpAntiSH Official account for the #endSH task force, & here are the hotlines 01157892357 / 01202390087 / 01016051145 #Egypt #Tahrir Please Spread

8. @shadirahimi seen in #tahrir: back to back against sexual harrassment, night watchmen #stopSH @tahrirbodyguard

9. @ghazalairshad @yelayat I am! For the 1st time, nobody touched me whole time I was there bc @TahrirBodyguard presence + signs. Maybe diff for others though

10. jesssolomon #StreetHarassment is economic issue.I have 2have cab fare available in case I don’t feel safe walking.That’s a problem.

11. @emsbjewelry Just fucking owned homeboy next to me. Street harassment fail. His reply: I’m sorry, ma’am. I’ll stop tonight. *takes bow*

12. @TheFlatErica MJ in ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’. Tricking arab boys into thinking that street harassment is the best way to Pussy Heaven since 1987

13. @miriamparker  New genre of street harassment: helpful. After honking and whistling at me, anman yelled: “You need a hat, good looking.”

14. @KendallBull Irritates me how guys in the street think it’s ok for them to make some dirty comment to girls… That’s basically sexual harassment. -.-

15. @the_author_: I dont want men 2 refrain frm street harassment b/c I’m someone’s daughter/sister, but b/c I’m a person & worthy of respect


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