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Anonymous Donors will Triple Gifts Made This Month

In street harassment | on 12.04.12 | by | Comments ( 0 )

Last night, I was contacted by two supporters of Stop Street Harassment and they gave me great news!

They will match every donation made to Stop Street Harassment this month, at a 2:1 ration. For example, if you donate $25, they will donate $50 and your $25 gift will triple to become $75!

I want 2013 to be a very big year for Stop Street Harassment but that will only  happen with your help. Here are some of the items on my wish-list/to-do list:

* A bigger and better Meet Us on the Street: International Anti-Street Harassment Week, April 7-13, in collaboration with the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (they organize Sexual Assault Awareness Month).

* A complete website redesign and more concrete information about activism and how to build campaigns to stop street harassment.

* A “Know Your Rights” toolkit about what laws are relevant to street harassment worldwide.

* An email-based hotline where people can ask for help regarding street harassment.

* A weekly phone call support group for people dealing with street harassment.

* An online exhibit about street harassment & activism against it over the past 130 years.

* And, if we raise enough money, the first-ever national study on street harassment, which will inform future educational curriculum and other programs.

Please, take advantage of the generosity of the donors and make your gift triple by donating now and you can be proud next year of what your donations help achieve. Thank you!


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