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“The man that harassed me got arrested”

In Stories, street harassment | on 01.17.13 | by | Comments ( 0 )

I was going to the gas station when a black man noticed I had on a redskins coat, and he commented that he was a cowboy fan. I was polite and kept it moving.

This man was on his way out of the gas station, he followed me back into the gas station and asked me out. I told him I was married.

This crazy person then started talking jibberish about giving him a chance. I rushed out of the gas station and this fool followed me and he was still harassing me. I RAN to my car. I sped off in my car and this fool followed me and threw something at my car. Fortunately there was a police precinct close by. I immediately reported this loser.

Just because I am a black woman does not give a black man I do not know the right to harass me. I did not know this man and I did not owe him anything. I take good care of myself and I have a nice shape, and unfortunately I deal with harassment from Black men on a regular basis.

I believe these men think that just because we are members of the same race that they have a right to us. I honestly believe that a lot of these men feel dis-empowered in all aspects of their lives, but think they have power over black women and a right to harass Black women, but no one owes them anything. I don’t owe a damn thing to a person I do not know and it is a shame that I have grown afraid of Black male strangers in public settings.

I’m sorry, but I am going to keep it real: (1) I am a lawyer and don’t want anything to do with an unemployed man that harasses women on the street and (2) I am married to a hard working black man that treats me well.

Something has to be done about this harassment. The man that harassed me got arrested. Black women, keep cell phones on you and start reporting these fools to the cops. If enough of us do this, perhaps we can assist in giving a message that enough is enough.

– Anonymous

Location: East Capital Street, Exon, Northeast Washington, DC

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