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“Going to work has become very hard for me”

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I am a 20 year old girl and street harassment is very common in our country. I have been verbally harassed and followed several times within the last 2-4 years. Recently I have been noticing a strange man on my way to work who rides by me every morning and turns back to stare at me. I see him when I go back to work after lunch and he is near my home when I come back after I’m done.

This has been making me very nervous and scared. I always imagine the worst. Once he came into my apartment building and went upstairs but I’m sure he doesn’t live in my building. I feel like he is trying to learn my usual surroundings. I don’t want to get out of the house unless it’s work. Even going to work has become very hard for me because every time I see him my hands start shaking. It scares me so much because rape has become very common in my country.

I have told as many people I can about this. Right now I’m trying to point this man out for my family. I just want somebody to scare this man off because I feel like I’m being watched even when I’m at home.

– Anonymous

Location: Maldives

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