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#SafeCityPledge Tweetathon, Jan. 19

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Are you on Twitter? Yes? We need you!

Blank Noise in India is organizing a 24-hour tweetathon tomorrow that anyone anywhere in the world can join. From their website:

“Each citizen affects change. You are invited to participate to a 24 hour twitter event that pushes an urgent 360 degree approach to building safe cities.


  • be self critical
  • be optimistic
  • be hopeful
  • try avoiding blame game because it often only goes in circles
  • examine your area of expertise and how you can pledge change within that. example- if you’re a journalist- how can you pledge change that affects the way you report sexual violence. or if you’re a gynaecologist- can you be self critical of the system you are part of and pledge change? or if you’re an architect or an urban planner or a politician or a movie maker. think of how you can affect change. make your pledge.#SafeCityPledge
  • Dream an ideal city. Be imaginative. Ask ‘what if’ ?
  • Believe you can affect change.”

#SafeCityPledge #rape #safecities #sexualviolence #citizen

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