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Digest of Street Harassment News: Feb. 17, 2013

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Street Harassment In the News, on the Blogs:

* Huffington Post, “Could Mobile Technology Combat Sexual Harassment?

* Dissident Voice, “Sexual Harassment of Women is State Sponsored Say Egyptian Women

* PressTV, “Egyptian women denounce sexual harassment against female protesters

* Daily News Egypt, “Women take to the streets to protest sexual harassment and assault

* TrustLaw, “Protesters worldwide denounce sexual harassment in Egypt

* Global Times, “Sexual harassment gets worse in post-uprising Egypt

 * Guardian, “The courage of the vigilante feminists is contagious

* Jezebel, “‘Anti-Flirt’ Movement Once Put Street Harassers in the Clink

* Fem2pt0, “International Feminism: Battling Street Harassment

* Deccan Herald, “Eve teasing: Teenage girl stabbed by youth

* Flyover Feminism, “Practical Feminism with Nihal Saad Zaghloul

* Metro, “Perverts in public: Sexual harassment on the MBTA in the spotlight, advocates push for speaking up

* The New Indian Express, “TN: Bus conductor arrested on charges of eve teasing

* Erin Matson, “Quick Update On My Street Harassment Story

* Mommyish, “I Never Thought I Would Have To Deal With Street Harassment In Front Of My Daughter

* Front Page Mag, “The ‘Epidemic’ of Sexual Harassment—and Rape—in Morsi’s Egypt

* Jezebel, “How to Talk to a Woman Without Being a Creep

* WJLA/ABC 7, “Metro sexual harassment: Only one arrest out of 99 complaints

*, “Cops launch drive to check eve-teasing on buses, autos in G Noida

* College Tribune, “‘Are ya well?’

* Release the Feminist Kraken, “An Open Letter to Men Who Yell at Me From Your Car

*, “International Feminism: Battling Street Harassment

* Women’s Web, “‘Rising’ with Karate – Interview with Amrita Mohan



* Stop Street Harassment supported the protests of the sexual violence against women outside the Egyptian Embassies worldwide on Feb. 12

* Stop Street Harassment joined thousands of groups in more than 200 countries on Feb. 14 to take action against gender violence during One Billion Rising.

* On Feb. 19, Stop Street Harassment will participate in a global day of action when groups in more than 40 cities will meet with government officials about strategies for making cities safer. Learn how you can participate, too.


* METRAC released a free “Not Your Baby App” to provide responses you can use when experiencing harassment

15Tweets from the Week:

1. @jdschulman My response to hearing street harassment tonight was to say, “Aw, that’s not appropriate. That’s just not kind.” The dudes had no response.

2. @Krissssyyyy93 Have some class don’t drive by me and honk and catcall you pigs

3. @leloveluck Level of harassment in downtown Cairo absolutely maddening today. One guy decided to follow me then put his hand around my neck. #EndSH #ugh

4. @juliemastrine Excited to start planning some anti-#streetharassment actions in State College this spring! Let me know if you want to be involved

5. قوة ضد التحرش ‏@OpAntiSH “Your Right to Live” Watch #EgyWomen respond to #EndSH during#GlobalProtestFeb12 in #Cairo  (w/Eng subs) #VAW #Egypt

6. @sydmosley such a good day! many thanks to the #wgso12 organizers @penn_state. so fantastic to continue to start conversations around #streetharassment

7. @iyad_elbaghdadi  I come from a place of the world where love scenes in films are censored, but abuse of women is on the streets for all to see. #EndSH #Egypt

8. @KateRoseBee Takes some nerve to catcall a woman while doing court-ordered litter pickup. “Hey baby I make some real good decisions…”

9. @YWCAGREENBAY A great discussion yesterday on gender-based harassment! @hkearl

10. @seventeenSA Tell us how you deal with street harassment – follow the hashtag #17SaysNo

11. @karishma31 I just had a guy pull down his window while I was crossing the street to wink and tell me ‘hey baby’. Talk about sexual harassment #Mumbai

12. @UNC_GAC Stop by the pit and share your story of street harassment with @UNCBetas! 10-2 TODAY!

13. @lesellele That I’m at SIGNIFICANTLY more risk of street harassment, physical violence and rape than any man in my same neighborhood. That’s unfair

14. @EvrydayFeminism My short skirt and everything under is in mine mine mine! #streetharassment

15. @aaboulenein Female protestors chanting against sexual harassment and #Morsi. #GlobalprotestFeb12 #endSH

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