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Thanking a stranger for “showing skin”? Not ok

In street harassment | on 04.10.13 | by | Comments ( 0 )

It’s warm out on the East Coast today and you know what? We wear fewer articles of clothing in warm weather. There is no need for strangers to comment on that or invade someone’s privacy over it.

I think Ryan of “Guyism” crossed a line when he went up to women (and one man) in New York City that he didn’t know to thank them and give them presents like chips or a lollipop for “showing skin.”

In case he didn’t get the memo, just because women are in public space does not mean they ARE public space and that it’s okay to comment on them.

What disturbed me a lot too were the comments by men who watched the video and then condemned some of the women as being “snobby” or “ungrateful” for not being pleased to have a stranger put a camera in their face and comment on what they were wearing or looked like. They had every right to not want to talk to Ryan and I’m sure many of the ones who smiled politely also wished he was not putting them on the spot and commenting on them.

This is not okay. It is not funny.


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