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“PLEASE speak up”

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There is a bus stop outside Thorpe Park. It gets very busy there as people are waiting to leave the park. I was with a friend waiting for the bus when a man (I’d say in his 40’s) approached us both. He began making small talk to us – me being my shy self i responded to try and sound polite – he then began to compliment us, and asking us where we were going, and what bus we are getting.

I told him I’m not comfortable with saying that and he then got very, very close to me and proceeded to tell me what a SLUT I am for playing ‘hard to get’, and that I’m just begging for attention because I was wearing shorts.

My friend spoke up and told him to go away and as she tried to walk away he slapped her bum.

This is disgusting, it might not seem that bad but I was terrified. This man was so much older than me and yet he still thought it was acceptable to act like this? I must also note that me and my friend were 13 at the time, and I was wearing shorts because it was August and it was very hot.

People were around yet they just ignored it like nothing was happening. I’m 15 now and to this day people still act this way to women and men and think it’s acceptable. It’s NOT.

If you see someone who could be in a situation like this, even if you only get a little bit worried that something could happen, PLEASE speak up. Help them. I am so grateful my friend was there with me, if i was alone who knows what could have happened.

– Anonymous

Location: Thorpe park, Surrey, UK

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