A4878C-Kearl-ProofStop Street Harassment founder Holly Kearl is the author of two of the few books that focus on street harassment. Purchase them from or request them for your local library.

Holly’s third book Stop Global Street Harassment: Growing Activism Around the World is forthcoming in August 2015, published by Praeger!

50 Stories about Stopping Street Harassers
Available: In paperback for $10, Kindle for $6.99.

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Gender-based street harassment impacts at least 80% of women. Ending it will require a complete cultural shift in how women are viewed and treated in societies worldwide. In the meantime, street harassment happens every day – so what can we do about it?

While there is no “best” way to deal with harassers, each of the 50 one-page stories offers creative, entertaining, and empowering techniques and strategies for readers to consider trying out when they feel safe, either as the person being harassed or as a witness to harassment.

The 50 stories were submitted to or featured on the Stop Street Harassment blog. They are about women and men of all ages and backgrounds in 16 countries, from Afghanistan to Tasmania. The book also includes 20 images of people speaking out against street harassment, from Bangladesh to the USA.

Proceeds: 50% of the book profits will fund SSH’s work.

Read the Storify from the #50Stories Tweet Chat in September, 2013.


Stop Street Harassment: Making Public Places Safe and Welcoming for Women
Available: Since 2010 on, for $13.50. It’s in more than 500 libraries worldwide.

Street harassment is generally dismissed as harmless, but in reality, it causes women to feel unsafe in public, at least sometimes. To achieve true gender equality, it must come to an end. Stop Street Harassment: Making Public Places Safe and Welcoming for Women (Praeger, 2010) draws on academic studies, informal surveys, and interviews with activists to explore complexities of the issue.

In the second half of the book, readers will find concrete strategies for dealing with street harassers and ways to become involved in working to end this all-too-common violation. Educators, counselors, parents, and other concerned individuals will discover resources for teaching about harassment and modeling behavior that will help prevent harassment incidents.

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Since its publication, author Holly Kearl has given more than 200 media interviews, 130 talks, and testified before the NYC, Philadelphia, and DC City Councils.

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