Anti-Harassment Groups & Campaigns

* INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence street harassment pamphlet (USA)

* Street Harassment: A Feminist Guide to Analysis and Direct Action by Cathy Ramos (USA)

Anti-Street Harassment Organizations & Campaigns:


ActionAid – This international organization does work in 45 countries and their “safe city” efforts fall under their women’s right work in many of those countries.

Hollaback! – Visit their site for a listing of the more than 60 Hollaback chapters around the world

Huairou Commission – An international organizaiton that works in more than 50 countries and safe city efforts take place in many of them. In 2013 they launched the “Delhi and Beyond: Global Action for Safe Cities” campaign.

Queer Review: “The first and only online resource to help you discover Safe Spaces around the globe. Rate and review businesses on a per-location basis regarding their treatment of the LGBTQ+ community.”

Safe Cities Global Initiative – A United Nations project that began in five countries in 2011 and will expand to more than 30 by 2017. Read about the June 2015 meeting of the 22 safe city site leaders in Delhi, India.


Women for a Change – Cameroon

Egyptian Centre for Women’s Rights (Egypt)

Harass Map (Egypt)

Imprint Movement (Egypt)

I Saw Harassment (Egypt)

I Wish Campaign (Egypt)

Operation Anti Sexual Harassment (OpAntiSH) (Egypt)

Sexual Harassment Action Group (Egypt)

Tahrir Bodyguard (Egypt)

Spice Chungu (Kenya)

No More Street Harassment (South Africa)

Zimbabwe – Women Against Street Harassment Movement

Asia/Middle East:

Young Women for Change (Afghanistan)

UNICEF’s efforts to end eve teasing (Bangladesh)

Bijoya Crowdsource Map (Bangladesh)

Open Institute – Gender-Based Violence Map (Cambodia)

The Adventures of Salwa (Lebanon)

Blank Noise (India)

Freeze the Tease (India)

Geographies of Violence – Delhi (India)

GotStared.At (India)

Haiyya (India)

HarassMap Mumbai (India)

Jhatkaa (India)

Must Bol (India)

NAARI-Against Street Harassment (India)

Safe Delhi Campaign (India)

Safe City India

Sayfty  (India)

Shoot at Sight (India)

ObjecDEFY (Jordan)

PUSH: People Unite against Street Harassment (South Korea)

Activista Nepal

Astitwa (Nepal)

Stop Sexual Harassment In Public Vehicles & A Safe City Nepal (Nepal) (Pakistan)

No to Harassment (Pakistan)

Ramallah Street Watch (Palestine)

Sri Lanka Unites (Sri Lanka)

Fighting Street Harassment of Women in Yemen (Yemen)

Safe Streets (Yemen)


Australian Women Against Violence Alliance (AWAVA) 

Cat Calls: Called Out

People Against Street Harassment Sydney


Don’t Touch My (Girl)Friend (Belgium)

Rebellieus (Belgium)

Stop Harcelement de Rue (France)

Stop Harcelement de Rue – Lyon (France)

Stop Harcelement de Rue – Lille (France)

Pro Change (Germany)

No Molestie di Strada (Italy)

Love Matters (the Netherlands)

Straatintimidatie (the Netherlands)

FILIA: Center for Curriculum Development and Gender Studies (Romania)

Rosnahal (Russia)

Equity Youth Association/Asocijacija mladih za ravnopravnost (Serbia)

ASH Campaign (UK)

Every Day Sexism Project (UK)

Ending Violence Against Women Coalition (UK)

Do You Know the Difference?” Lambeth, London (UK)

Gay Harrin (UK)

Feminism Society of Royal Holloway University Tumblr Page (UK)

Good Night Out Campaign (UK and Ireland)

Rape and Sexual Assault Center, Rape Crisis South London (UK)

One Step Too Far (Wales)

North America:

Harassment on Translink (Vancouver, Canada)

METRAC (Toronto, Canada)

Women in Cities International (Canada)

Cohabita/Habitajes (Mexico)

Safe Streets AZ / Hey Baby: Art Against Sexual Violence (Arizona, USA)

Helping Our Teen Girls In Real Life Situations, Inc.: “Anti-Street Harassment Campaign” (Atlanta, USA) * No longer active

hu-man Up:A Planet Project Initiative (Atlanta, USA)

Men Stopping Violence (Atlanta, USA)

Boston Rape Crisis Center (does work on harassment on public transportation and in bars) (Boston, USA)

Safe Hub Collective  (Boston, USA)

#WhatMySHSaid (California, USA)

Courage Campaign: CTA (Chicago, USA)

Girl World Chicago (Chicago, USA)

Young Women’s Action Team (Chicago, USA) * No longer active

End Street Harassment – Iowa City (Iowa, USA)

Raise the Bar program at the Rape Victims Advocacy Program at the University of Iowa (Iowa, USA)

Feminist Public Works (Philadelphia, USA)

Pussy Division (Philadelphia, USA)

Brooklyn Movement Center (NYC, USA)

Can I Get a Smile? (NYC, USA)

Catcalled (NYC, USA)

Girls for Gender Equity (NYC, USA)

Harassment of New York (NYC, USA)

Harlow Project (NYC, USA)

New Yorkers for Safe Transit (NYC, USA) * No longer active

RightRides for Women’s Safety (NYC, USA) * No longer active

Safe Slope (NYC, USA)

Stop Telling Women to Smile (NYC, USA)

Street Harassment Project (NYC, USA)

Window Sex Project (NYC, USA)

Design Action Collective (Oakland, USA)

Peoples Justice League (Ohio, USA)

The Little Bird Project (San Francisco, USA) * No longer active

Don’t Harass Me Bro (San Francisco, USA)

I Was Asking For It? (Seattle, USA)

Collective Action for Safe Spaces (Washington, DC, USA)

Men Can Stop Rape (Washington, DC, USA)

How Many Women Find Street Harassment Flattering? (USA)

International Center for Research on Women’s “Making Public Places Safe for Women” Campaign (US/UN)

PopToStop Street Harassment (USA)

Masculinity U (USA)

STFU Catcallers (USA)


Take Back the Streets (Fiji)

Central and South America:

Latin America Women and Habitat Network (based in Argentina)

Acción Respeto: Por una Calle Libre de Acoso (Argentina)

Think Olga (Brazil)

Observatorio Contra el Acoso Callejero (Chile)

Observatorio Contra el Acoso Callejero (Colombia)

Acoso Callejero No (El Salvador)

Witness Project (Guyana)

Observatorio Contra el Acoso Callejero, Nicaragua 

Observatorio Virtual de Acoso Callejero (Peru)

Paremos el Acoso Sexual Callejero (Peru)

Observatorio Contra el Acoso Callejero (Uruguay)

Self Defense Resources::

Arming Women Against Rape and Endangerment (AWARE)

Defend Yourself

Girls Fight Back

Martial Arts & Self Defense for Women & Girls

Rape Escape: Women’s Self-Defense Institute


Women’s Self Defense

Assault Resources:

A Long Walk Home

Break the Cycle

End Rape on Campus

Gulabi Gang

INCITE! Women of Color against Violence

Know Your IX

Men Can Stop Rape

Molestation – India

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

One in Six Support for Men

Pixel Project

Polaris Project

Porchlight Counseling Services

Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN)

Safety for Women

See it and Stop it

Stop Abuse for Everyone

A Call to Men

Violence Unsilenced

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